Review of Buckle-Pals Seatbelt Strap Holders

Let me start off this review by saying that this is NOT a safety product. The Buckle-Pals products are designed for convenience (and they do this wonderfully), not as a gadget to be used during regular car seat use.

That being said, I think you'll find it to be a super addition to your favorite travel products! The Buckle-Pals Seatbelt Strap Holders are very simple and easy to use. Once you wrap them around the car seat back, they stay put -- ready to hold your child's safety straps until they are sitting and ready to be buckled!

Why would you use this product? Have you tried to get a squirmy toddler of infant into their car seat, only to have them sit on their own seatbelt straps? Throwing the straps out of the way just have them fall back into the seat as you're putting your little guy into the seat is so frustrating! This product handles the situation with ease....

In addition to car seats, the Buckle-Pals can be used with any child product that uses safety straps (strollers, carseats, swings, etc...) We loved how easy they are -- anyone can figure them out and install them (no hardware required) in less than a minute! There were two per package, so we had one for each car!

The Buckle-Pals Collection from Dookz is available online at their website.