Review of Crayola Color Wonder Mess-Free Soft Sticks

My boys are always busy "creating" new pieces of art. The trouble is, there is often more mess than I can handle. Even the best cleaners can't keep my furniture and walls safe from a crayon casualty or a marker massacre.

When we tried Crayola's Color Wonder Mess-Free Soft Sticks recently, I was more than pleasantly surprised. While more costly than other markers or crayons, these clever little art "sticks" were easy to use and had amazing results. They worked much like pencil-sized glue sticks. By twisting the bottom of each soft stick, they popped out from their plastic casings (much like lipstick) and could be rubbed on the special Crayola paper much like a glue stick. The clear coating didn't do much at first, but if you waited a few seconds, brilliant color began to appear on the pages of the notebook. Orange sticks made orange patterns, yellow sticks made yellow, and so on. Preprinted patterns made each creation perfect; there was no chance for going outside of the lines. We were even able to "blend" some colors (green and yellow) to make new colors.

The soft sticks broke off occasionally if too much pressure was applied. They are safe and effective, however, at letting even the most inexperienced and undisciplined artists run wild with artistic inspiration. In three words: "We loved them."

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