Review of Gotta Go Mitts

Dirty potties aren't the only time you will want to protect a child's hands. What about while eating something sticky or when they insist on holding on to the filthiest railing on the public transportation system? Gotta Go Mitts might be the solution you're looking for!

Perhaps the simplest of all the hygiene products for children, the Gotta Go Mitts are effective, affordable, and totally no-frills! The very thin disposable mittens fit on almost any child's hand. They are roomy enough for easy on and off, but fitted to keep them from slipping.

The packaging is minimal, which means you can stick a pack in your purse or diaper bag for everyday outings. Completely waterproof (we know -- we tested them), they make also great liners for winter gloves!

Like most super products, the Gotta Go Mitts were designed by a parent (a Mommy) and are just another great way to keep kids clean and safe! Check out the simplest thing in hygiene at!

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