Review of HABA Pretend Food Toys

Play food is perhaps one of the most adorable and innovative toys commonly enjoyed by today's kids. What's more exciting than preparing a meal just like grownups?

HABA has introduced a new line of pretend eats that bring "cute" to a whole new level. The European toy manufacturer has developed fabric play foods that are lovable and can easily provide hours of kitchen fun for kids! If the way my kids took to the toys are any indication of their attention-getting abilities, you are in for a real "treat!"

Gaining in popularity for their simple vision and focus on safety at all levels, HABA has won me over with the grocery store items. We tested a Bavarian pretzel set (complete with mustard packet, blob of mustard, and little sausages that stick together with magnets), Doner Kabob (don't let the name scare you -- it's a pita pocket with all the fixins!), and Grill set (includes fish, steak, kabob, and more sausages.)

The toys are tactile dreams, offering the chance to string a kabob on a long wooden stick (super for hand-eye coordination), squish a beanbag fish, or sprinkle little felt lettuce pieces. Materials are colorful and soft to the touch, using everything from microfiber to cotton for a variety of textures.

The kitchen creations, which are intended for ages 3 and up, are a delightful way to spend a rainy day. To see the complete HABA food line, visit their website at!