Review of Listerine Smart Rinse

I'm not usually a fan of mouthwash, it can burn or taste horrible. When I do find one that tastes great, it usually isn't that effective against bad breath or tooth problems.

Listerine Smart Rinse addresses both problems very well. It tastes great (like a fresh spearmint), but isn't too strong. It is designed to be used after brushing, and it indicates how much yuck was remaining in your mouth by tinting it a funky green in your bathroom sink. (yuck) This unique feature aside, it really works! By killing bad breath germs, protecting against plaque, and giving your teeth a dose of fluoride, it is a safe bet in the war against tooth decay!

Listerine creates a full line of mouthwash, and this one might by my favorite! Remember to wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything after using this wash, and check it out at your local drugstore or!