Review of National Geographic's Green Guide Magazine

Like most moms I know, I am really trying to be more environmentally-friendly in my daily habits. I realize that it starts small: turning off the water when I brush, turning down my hot water heater a notch or two, recycling when I can. These are just a few ways to help out, but what else can I do?

National Geographic has put out another great magazine, with the claim that it is "The Resource for Consuming Wisely." Would I agree? I think so. The first of it's kind to reach a wider audience of normal families, the Green Guide doesn't assume everyone can afford to ditch their minivan for a Prius -- and they don't even ask you to.

Topics covered in the preview issue include how to improve gas mileage in your current vehicle, the 12 worst cosmetic ingredients, and how to look for safer food. All things that I care about, and each tip was applicable and easier to implement than the suggestions offered by some other green publications.

The publication has the kind of quality and class that you would expect from NatGeo, but without any snoot or sass aimed at those of us who are new at being green or only have one toe in the waters.

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