Review of C-Panty

Any mommas out there who had their babies via c-section? As a mother who has had 4 of the uncomfortable surgeries, I am so excited about this next product! I know first-hand that scar management is usually an afterthought in the weeks after delivery.

The C-Panty is a brilliant pair of underwear that keeps everything in place, helps you to look your best, and is oh-so comfortable to wear! The beauty of this panty is that it is the ONLY product I have experienced that gives you that extra support and comfortable scar protection without looking like a medieval torture contraption!

The fashionable (yes, I said it) undies are comfy and stretchy -- made from 92% nylon and 8% spandex. The little panel that covers your scar is made from Silon-TEX® (a silicon material.) Together they provide a slimming, shaping panty that smooths out that weird little "shelf" that we all can get soon after delivery. It won't snag or stick to your scar. It won't further irritate an itchy healing. It's just plain awesome!

The C-Panty can be worn as soon as a c-section scar heals, and for as long as you desire it's flattening and flattering effects!

For more information on the full line of C-Panty, see their website! Go Momma!


  1. fashionable? uh...not so much! these look a little homemade.

  2. Maybe not very fashionable but FANTASTIC! They were great to wear under dresses and pants. The definitely helped me get back into looking fashionable!


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