Review of Crafty Baby's Nap Pack

Nap time is my favorite time of the day. Kids get to rest, and I get to get a few things done! Blankies and pillows make the nap a special time of comfort and relaxation for my kids, so I was really excited to give the Nap Pack from Crafty Baby a try!

Made from durable (but oh-so-luvable) fleece material, the Nap Pack comes in 7 adorable patterns. (Check out the Green Flowers!) The blanket unrolls to provide a comfortable sleeping surface with light cover, and it all comes attached to a toddler-sized pillow! The Nap Pack is light and portable, and even my 4-yr-old can roll it up and take it with him without assistance from me.

Since kids can get drooly in their sleep (and generally just plain goobery), the Nap Pack is small enough to toss in the wash with the rest of your child's clothes. No shrinkage here!

The Nap Pack is perfect for daycare, preschool, or just vegging out in the living room after a hard day's play! See all the Nap Pack designs and the rest of the Crafty Baby line at their website: