Review of Scootababy

I have a confession to make... while I totally adore all the moms who practice "babywearing" and lug their little ones around in the most stylish of baby carriers, it just hasn't worked out for me in the past. I'm not sure if it is because all my babies have been tiny, and it has been easier to lug them under my arm like a football, or because I'm a little slow to figure out all the flaps, straps, and clips that many of today's carriers force you to continually adjust. (Plus I'm a little scared that my kid may come tumbling out if I forget to fasten something!)

One product has changed my view of babywearing forever. It is the Scootababy. Designed for tots over 6 months, I gave it a whole-hearted try with my tiny 1-yr-old. I was amazed to say the least.

This very simple carrier is like no other in terms of construction. It features a lightly padded, shaped seat for baby to sit in, and it doesn't take an army of helpers to get baby in and properly fastened. There is only ONE buckle (much like a seatbelt) and two adjustable straps. That's it. Nothing more. (And we love the fleece shoulder -- super comfy!)

It is comfy, simple-looking, and by far the most practical carrier I've ever tried! I carried my son all day long at a crowded Nebraska Cornhusker football game in crowds of 80,000 people with no worries. He was content to be near me, I was happy to have him safe, and my back and shoulders showed no signs of the usual wear-and-tear that some carriers have granted me in the past.Give this carrier a look at their website You won't be disappointed!