Review of Ziploc Twist N' Loc Containers

If you've suffered the experience of sending hubby to work with leftovers, only to have him LEAVE your good container somewhere in the breakroom (never to return), then you understand the importance of a good disposable container. Put those dessert whip tubs away, and check out my favorite new solution from Ziploc!

I was thrilled to try out the new Twist N' Loc containers after cooking up a batch of Oyster Stew. My hubby HATES the stuff, and needless to say, didn't want any chance of it coming open in the fridge or leaving any kind of odor behind. I poured the leftover soup into the new Twist N' Loc container, and with a few turns of the lid, I knew that it was properly sealed. (I even took a batch over to my parents' house with full faith in the lid staying closed.)

The containers are labeled with measurements to let you know how much is inside, and the container is built tough. With no concerns over a lid potentially popping off, I'm set to go!

Check out the full line of Ziploc storage containers at!

(Thanks to BzzAgent for hooking us up with a few to try out!)