Giveaway Opportunities

Our giveaway program is one of our most popular opportunities!

If you have a product or service to offer in our giveaways, this is a great opportunity to get thousands of additional visitors to your website. All of our giveaways give you a dedicated blog post with details on your product, link to our review, and a link to your website. We require that all entrants visit your website to answer a trivia question, and this will give additional exposure. We will conduct the random drawing, contact the winner, and get all the information from them. All you have to do is promise to ship the prize to the winner! This is a great way to advertise for almost nothing!

Guidelines for our giveaways are as follows:

Prize must be valued at no less than $20. (If your product is not valued at $20, you may offer several prizes totaling $20.)

We prefer items that have been reviewed by us. If you are new to us and would like to offer a giveaway, we encourage you to participate in our review program. This guarantees that we only give away items that we find suitable for use. We will consider new items from companies that have earned our seal of approval from the review of previous products.

You are responsible for prize fulfillment. Due to the number of giveaways and the cost of shipping, we cannot ship prizes. By agreeing to be a sponsor, you will agree to ship prizes at your expense.

It's Free! There is no cost to you beyond the fulfillment of your prize!

Ready to make someone's day with a wonderful prize? Email us with "Giveaway Request" in the subject line. We're looking forward to it!