Review of iRobot Roomba 400

If I could only have a robot for all my household chores, I'd be a much happier lady, and my house would be cleaner!

While we haven't entered the age of having a robot for every need, we've gotten pretty close with the invention of the iRobot Roomba 400 vacuum cleaner. I picked up the base model for the line of handy helpers just last week, and I was impressed beyond belief!

Just charge up your Roomba, set it in the middle of any floor, push the button, and go do something else for awhile. Roomba will take up to 45 minutes sweeping and vacuuming your hardwood or carpeted room without any assistance! It has features such as stair avoidance, automatic transitioning from hard floors to carpets, a large bag-less bin, and the ability to vacuums beneath furniture and other hard-to-reach places! When it's done, you just open the bagless container and dump it in the trash!

I couldn't believe the amount of dirt, dust, and pet hair that the Roomba picked up even AFTER I swept with my regular broom!

I will never go back to regular sweeping or vacuuming again! Learn more about the coolest machine on earth at iRobot's website.

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