Review of Mia's Reading Adventure: The Bugaboo Bugs Software

Computer games are a fun hobby at our house, but I really prefer those that teach basic learning skills over those for pure entertainment. We recently had an opportunity to test out Kutoka Interactive's Mia's Reading Adventure: The Bugaboo Bugs with both my 4 and 9-year old children, and the response was overwhelmingly positive!

First, let me give you a little background: Mia Reading is a DVD-ROM computer learning software game that provides hours of fun activities for reinforcing the foundational reading skills that every child needs to succeed. But this really is no ordinary educational software! The graphics are beyond amazing! My daughter and I were shocked to see that the game played much like a high-budget computer-animated movie, and she even told me that it was more realistic than games she had played on a Nintendo DS or a PS3. The game was quick-loading, and very easy to set up (it only required a short installation and allowed children to type their name for their play settings.)

In addition to really clever activities that challenged phonics, adverbs, sentence structure, and so much more, the game provided:
• Adventure game includes 12 educational activities
• Two game styles: Adventure Mode and Activities Mode

• Four age-appropriate difficulty levels
• Easy to consult evaluation report to follow the child’s progress
• Educational activities seamlessly integrated into the story
• Colorful environments and endearing characters in a rich
3D environment
• Feature-film quality animation
• Unique navigation system enabling real-time control of
the main character
• On DVD-ROM for an even better graphic quality

(This is a screen shot from our favorite activity in the game! Who doesn't love jellybeans?)

This game was just as fun for me to watch as it was for my kids to play! Children will enjoy helping Mia (the mouse) find ways to rid her home of stinky, nasty bug invaders while they build upon their reading skills. Adults will enjoy having a game played in the home that is worthwhile and pleasant to be around (as we all know how annoying some video games can be).

Mia Reading is perfect for summer learning, supplementing homeschool curriculum, or just as a way to pass time in a uniquely enriching way. See more about Kutoka Interactive and the Mia Reading program at their website! (This game is available at major electronics retailers and