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Review of Reach CleanPaste Floss

10:21 AM

Products for your teeth aren't that all exciting, I know. But a cleaner, easier, and more comfortable way to floss is!

Reach has come out with a new kind of floss. It's not just minty (like some). It's definitely not waxy (like others). It's really just kind of pasty. Coated with a toothpaste-like material, this floss really slides in easily between teeth (even those that are really close together.) And it's called CleanPaste!

I loved how fresh my mouth felt after using the floss. The shred-resistant and totally yummy-tasting floss held up well and lasted longer than other floss. I'm totally hooked!

CleanPaste floss is available anywhere you would buy other stuff for your mouth! (Get your valuable coupon HERE.)

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