Review of Reliable Steamboy T1 Floor Mop

I love the convenience of having hard flooring throughout my whole house. It's easier for all the spills and thrills that having 3 young boys can bring about. What I DON'T like is the nasty residue and yucky mop water that is involved with traditional mopping. I have now officially converted to a new way to mop, and I'm sure you'll love it too!

The Reliable Steamboy T1 Floor Mop is brilliance for floors. The 5-minute assembly is simple enough for anyone, and the operating instructions are even more clear. Just fill the tank with tap water (hard-water areas may prefer distilled) and plug in the mop! Within seconds, you're mop is ready to use the power of all-natural, non-toxic steam to clean and shine those floors! Leave the mop on extra filthy surfaces (around the toilet or trash cans) a little bit longer for super-disinfecting power. The triangle-shaped mop head is great for along floorboards and getting into corners and hard-to-reach areas.

The adequately long cord allowed me to clean my living room, dining room, and the bathroom in less than the time it usually takes me to clean one room! There was no cleaner to use, no mop bucket, and no back-breaking scrubbing. It was -- perfect. When I was finished, I simply tossed the reusable micro-fiber mop head into the wash for next time!

This super-quiet solution is perfect for families with allergies, high-traffic homes, and those moms who don't want to spend an entire afternoon getting semi-acceptable results.

The Reliable Steamboy T1 is available at several fine online retailers, including Amazon, Achoo! Allergy, and HSN.