Review of Glow Mama Drink for Moms!

With all the drinks on the market, is it any surprise that there is now one designed specifically for Moms and Moms-to-be? What would that "perfect" drink contain? Probably the same thing that our tested product, Glow Mama, has in it!

A very yummy, but light (I mean only faintly sweetened) drink chock full of good stuff, Glow Mama surprised me with it's healthy attitude! Made from kiwi juice, this totally original drink contains the best things for a pregnant or already Mommified gal on the go:

  • kiwi, white grape juice, and filtered water
  • 50% daily value of vitamin C
  • 30% of your recommended doses of both Niacin and vitamin B6
  • A bunch of B12 and folate (great for growing Babies!)
  • Iron and calcium
Keep yourself refreshed and hydrated with a low-calorie option as unique as you are. I found Glow Mama to be perfectly sweetened, satisfying, and a good choice for those caffeine-free days. Recommended by the American Pregnancy Association, it's available at online at and at

(They also have a killer list of "mocktails" for those uber-responsible Mamas looking for something exotic to drink.)