Review of KidzMouse

Note: This produce may no longer be available.  The website which originally offered it is no longer active.

Kids love to play computer games, and many start asking to use Mommy and Daddy's PC as soon as they learn to talk. But let's face it... the keyboards and mouse equipment that come standard on most desktops and laptops just aren't designed to be used by tiny hands just learning computer-coordination!

We were thrilled to learn about KidzMouse -- the mouse designed exclusively for tiny computer enthusiasts ages 2-10. They come in exciting and adorable designs (we love Dora the Explorer best), and work with a "squeeze" rather than a "tap." (This is because most kids muscles work in this manner.)

With the option to switch to a right-click, left-click or any click, this mouse was easy to install and use on both our desktop and laptop! My 3 year-old was playing his favorite games without the stress of click-difficulty, and my 9-year-old loved that it was very pressure-sensitive and worked well with all of her games! The mouse was also "optical" rather than with a ball roller, which meant it worked well on all surfaces and doesn't need cleaning!

KidzMouse carries a full line of "mice" to plug in to your USB or PS/2 adapter. They also offer keyboards and headphones! Check out their Nickelodeon varieties, Disney designs, and Sesame Street Gear! This is truly kid-friendly computing!


  1. What a great find. This would be perfect for my grandchildren. thaks.


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