Review of Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... a boy who recycles?

This is THE best "green" (or eco-aware, or environmentally-friendly, or whatever you want to call it) children's book ever. Really. With prose similar to Dr. Seuss, and a message that isn't too heavy or preachy, Michael Recycle is really fun to read. It also has a simple message: clean up your junk and use it for something else!

This book by Ellie Bethel tells the story of a boy who visits a stinky, junky town, and helps it transform into a bunch of common, everyday recyclers. They see how easy it is to recycle, and their town gets cleaned up in the process. It's that simple! Michael Recycle saves the day, and the book gives kids really easy tips to do the same at home.

While the world is going crazy for more "green" children's books, I'm glad to have one on our shelf that fits my family's view of good stewardship. It isn't radical, difficult to follow, or insane. It's just a clever, colorful, and practical book that teaches the importance of recycling. And I've read it almost a dozen times without tiring of it!

Regardless of where you stand on global warming and politics, this book speaks the truth with common sense and silliness. Check out this refreshing change of pace at bookstores near you! (Or snag a copy at Amazon.)


  1. Agreed!! My kids love this book, the illustrations are wonderful and the writing funny and charming. Thanks for the suggestion.

    NY NY

  2. that's nice.... i always think abt nature and do not pollute public places or aware of CFC as well... i will get it and give 2 my brother...

    cleon dann


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