Review of OFF! PowerPad Lamp

Things have been a bit buggy here at Lille Punkin'... so much, in fact, that we've really had to be smart about protecting our family from those nasty bites that spiders, mosquitoes, and flies can bring about. We already told you about our new love-affair with OFF! FamilyCare Smooth & Dry so I know this won't come as any surprise to you: We are suckers for the OFF! PowerPad Lamp!

Forget tiki torches and open candles (both of which can become a burn hazard to curious little fingers), and consider the unique design of the PowerPad Lamp. With these cool little "PowerPads" that you insert into the top of the lamp, and a tiny candle (housed inside the lamp for optimum safety), you can light 'er up and keep a 15' X 15' area free from pests for up to 4 hours!

Does it work? You bet. And with the strength of 15 times a regular citronella candle (without that annoying odor.) They even have a PowerPad Lantern that comes ready-to-hang with an included 4-foot pole. Refills of the candle and PowerPads are available most anywhere!

I liked the simplicity of this product. But mostly, we dug hanging out in those damp areas of the yard sans skeetos. I'm a fan.

Hook yourself up with a great deal by visiting the OFF! website and printing a Buy One Get One Free coupon, valid anywhere PowerPad Lamps are sold. Or just revisit our OFF! Smooth & Dry review to see how you can get both effective products in our giveaway.

Now, who says you can't get something good for free?