Review of Think-ets

Imagine a game with no rules. If there are rules, you can make them up. The play is never the same twice, and you can take your game with you wherever you go. It can even be stashed in the tiniest of pockets!

What game is this, you ask? Think. Think real hard. It's Think-ets!

Best described as a handful of tiny, unique, and detailed trinkets, Think-ets is one of the best open-ended games I've seen. 15 little pieces from around the world are designed to engage 2 or more players from ages 8-108 (note that the small pieces are inappropriate for very small children.) Use the trinkets to tell stories, challenge eachother, play word games, and more! No two packages are exactly alike!

Each piece has been independently tested for lead safety -- no worries with Think-ets! See the 5 Reasons people are raving about this game!

Think-ets are affordable, portable, and encourage quick thinking and creative communication. Perfect for parties, car trips, and educational professionals, we think you'll love this cute game. (And don't even get us started on how much giggling this has encouraged at slumber parties!) Perfect for girls or boys (although we really saw it work well with my daughter's crowd), you can engage everyone with a team activity using Think-ets.

Think-ets are available online at their website. (Free shipping over $50!)

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