Review of Bummis Swimming Diaper

It took me much too long to realize the little crystalline blobs floating on the top of the public wading pool. My son's diaper had reached full capacity (between chlorinated water and one very large pee). Embarrassed, I scooped him and dashed to the restroom, dribbling little diaper fillings all the way.

Everyone knows that swimming and diapers don't mix. And while the new disposable swim diapers on the market are a step in the right direction, they don't work well for those of us trying to save pennies, the environment, or rashy and allergic infant skin.

When Swimmi made its way into my mailbox, it was blazing hot and a trip to the pool was on my list anyway. Taking our very cute, size medium pair along in my beach tote was natural and easy, and the results were everything I had hoped for!

Little Guy wore them comfortably for the entire time we were at the pool -- no additional diaper or diaper cover needed. The pool stayed clean, my son didn't have to drag around a bloated disposable, and everyone (I mean everyone) commented on how comfy and stylish my tiny swimmer was. We were ahead of our time!!

Swimmis are made to be worn and washed easily. The velcro closures are very large (meaning any size waistline can fit in them.) I felt confident and Baby felt secure. These rock!

Thank you Bummis, for your amazing product. I will forever love you. If you want to check them out yourself, I suggest you visit their website for all the sizes and colors. It's not too late to enjoy the rest of summer in style!


  1. my ? is, how do you clean them? i don't use cloth diapers, si i don't know!

  2. I don't use cloth, either. These were surprisingly easy to clean, though. My child has never gone "big potty" in them (although if he were to, we would change him into his spare pair, dump the "big potty" into the toilet, and pack them in a plastic bag for washing at home. Washing instructions are on the label.)

    Thanks for your comment!



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