Review of Tracfone Wireless Phones and Service

We gave up traditional cell phone plans long ago. With some months totaling over 2,000 anytime minutes, and other months totaling zero, it was a crap shoot as to how much we would pay in overages. (And it just wasn't worth it for the months we didn't use service.)

Prepaid seemed the way to go, and while per minute, it wasn't as reasonable as a 2-year contracted plan, it kept us within our budget and talking when we needed it. Who did we finally go with? Tracfone, of course. The price was right, the service on par with other providers, and if we lost a phone it was no big deal to replace it (for usually less than $15!)

If you don't care about having an infinite number of calls, 24/7 web access, and all the jiggiest (lame, I know) ring tones on the planet, Tracfone may just be perfect for you, too! With all the neatest phones from LG, Motorola, and Kyocera, none of your friends will know that you are on a prepaid plan. And you'll be laughing all the way to the bank!

Setup is easy either online or via their toll-free number. Most phones comes with a few minutes to get you started, and there are some great deals going on every day! I love my pink phone with accessory package, 20 starter minutes, and charger -- it was only $14.99! Add another airtime card, and use code 50722 to get an extra 60 minutes with any prepaid minutes purchase (bonus won't show up until purchase is complete.) I think I'll use all that extra cell phone money to support my Luna Bar habit...


  1. Congrats on your new phone!

    There are a variety of TracFone promo codes available for the different denominations of airtime cards, and typically the bigger the card, the more free airtime you can get with a promo code.

    I give some tips for getting the most out of TracFone promo codes on my website here:


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