Wedding Invitations Up Close and Personal

Mailing out my wedding invitations were a drag -- Finding that perfect style, color, and font seemed like an endless chore. Online sites gave me great ideas, but didn't give me the opportunity to hold the invitation in my hands and see it for myself.

That's why I was impressed with the cool "ZOOM" feature offered by 1st Class wedding invitations. Just point and click to see amazing detail on any of their designs. It's like you're looking at the actual invitation!

Check out their Modern Cotton Candy Wrap Wedding Invitation with Ribbon (who won't adore the pink and chocolate combo?) or the very simple and affordable Green Flowers in Relief Floral Wedding Invitation. There's something for everyone -- the extravagant and the stingy. (We don't think anyone will know if you pick the cheapest ones, though.) For easy picking, they offer invitations by theme, material, and even color (periwinkle and wedgewood, anyone?)

They also have some very useful articles on all the components of a good invitation (and why you may need them), when to mail each piece, and the proper etiquette for following up. And don't forget your "Thank You's!"

(Sigh....) where were these guys when I was putting together my invitations?