Review of Aaah Toilet Paper Foam Moistener

Baby wipes plugging up your toilet? Toilet paper not lasting as long as it should? Flushable wipes breaking the budget? These are all common problems that can occur when little guys (and girls) start tending to their own toilet needs. I used to pull my hair out at the prospect of buying prepackaged solutions to the "dirtier" side of toilet-training, but I think we've found a new approach to things!

Aaah Toilet Paper Foam Moistener is about the most clever thing we've tested in a LONG, LONG time! A simple foaming pump dispenses clean, fresh, and non-irritating cleansing foam onto your toilet paper, instantly converting it into your own homemade and inexpensive personal cleansing wipe! Perfect for kids who need a little extra cleaning power, this has a permanent home in my bathroom. Easy for tots to manage, it is a very unique alternative to wipes that can dry out or become misused.

This isn't just for kids, though. Anyone who wants a fresher experience will find Aaah Moistener very handy. It won't cause the TP to fall apart like water or other soaps would. It's light and effective. It's odor free. It allows us to use way less toilet paper. YIPEE!

For all the details on the heaven-sent solutions, check out the Aaah website.