Review of The Banana Splits!

How do you review something that's not quite a product and not quite a service? By getting into the entire experience (along with the help of a couple of toddlers) and singing and dancing along! We just hooked up with the crew from The Banana Splits via their new website, and I have to admit I'm feeling a bit retro...

With the toe-tapping, groovy sounds of the 60's, the four mascots of The Banana Splits bring back some old-school class and give it a new appeal that today's kids will totally dig. We checked out their website for videos, games, and jokes (my son's favorite.) Did bringing back this classic gig pay off? You betchya!

We sang along to the catchy tunes "Tra-La-La" and "My Friend Sammy." While I was a bit afraid that the costumed characters would have as much appeal as a worn-out, giant puppet from Chuck E. Cheese, they were cute and charismatic. My kids didn't get scared (which is good) and the crew had a colorful charm that had me missing simpler times.

Now that my tot is proudly showing off his limited edition Banana Splits T, we might be hooked for life. We'll await their debut to the Cartoon Network with anticipation... I'm always up for something new and Banana Splits is just that (in a retro kind of way.)

Get the whole scoop on The Banana Splits at their website (Or check out a sample video.)