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Review of Teddy Grahams Trail Mix

1:22 PM

Coming straight from the Bees over at BuzzAgent, we had the chance to try two of the new flavors in the Teddy Grahams Trail Mix line! Yummo!

I have always been a Teddy Grahams fan (digging the cinnamon variety), so this was something I was convinced I would like. But I'm glad they sent us a couple of boxes to try (just in case.) Was it any surprise that less than a day after we opened the first box, it was gone? And the 2nd box? Finished just as quickly. Let me tell you why:

  • Same delicious Teddy Graham cookies/crackers included in the mix
  • The Bears and Cheese variety includes pretzels, cheese nips, and raisins
  • The Bears and Bees variety includes graham bees, pretzels, and yogurt raisins
Great for school or an after-work snack, these are a nifty treat for kids (and Moms!) Available at your local grocer, or at (check out their Back-to-school promotion to save $25 on orders of $59 on your favorite brands.)

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