Review of Xeko: Mission China Cards

Has Pokemon worn thin? Do you feel like trading cards should educate as well as entertain? Are you as enamored with panda bears as I am? Then consider what Xeko: Mission China can teach your child!

A trading card game with so much more to offer than your typical cartoon-based versions, this is a beautifully-illustrated and completely collectible way for kids to learn all about China! The fourth in a series of starter sets from Xeko, the Mission China game brings the natural habitat of China into your living room -- and presents a fun opportunity for young and old to get into distant lands!

Each starter set comes with:

41 Cards
Playmat / EcoMap Giant Learn-to-Play Cards
2 Limited-Edition Sketch Cards

Xeko doesn't just talk the "conservation" talk, however. It also delivers true green values with its practice of printing cards on 100% recycled stock and with eco-friendly inks! Awesome!

This game took a bit to get started (I'm a slow learner.) The kids caught on, however, and they had a blast together! Recommended for ages 8 and up, it's best for older kids and adults to play (although younger tykes can enjoy viewing the detailed cards and talking about the culture.)

I'm hooked! For a full briefing on all of Xeko's brilliant products, visit their website at


  1. I've been a xeko collector for some time now and I've noticed this is the first edition that includes "mission codes" in their booster packs that can be used on the website for free stuff.

  2. Drew,

    Yes, we also loved this feature! Thanks for stopping by, and we'll be sure to stop by the Xeko Shop for our future Xeko card needs!



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