Review of Affresh Washer Cleaner

Is your washing machine smelling a bit icky? Do your clothes have a slight musty odor to them? Maybe the heat and humidity has left your washing machine in need of a good cleaning, itself. If so, I've found a solution that is simple as it is effective!

Affresh washer Power Puck cleaning tablets are simple to use -- just pop them into a load of hot water and let them dissolve away your stinky problems. Paired with the new Grit Grabber cloths, you have everything you need to maintain and reclaim a shining, odor-free wash!

We tested this out after a few loads of particularly dirty laundry and the most humid of September days. In no time at all, my wash was smelling like -- well, nothing! And the Grit Grabber cloths took all the dinge and dirt out from around the opening of my washer.

Affresh cleaning kits contain both the Power Pucks and the Grit Grabbers. Each are individually packaged for a fresh clean every time, and come stored in a reclosable container for easy storage. Designed to keep High-Efficiency (HE) washers at their peak, these worked well for even my traditional top-loading washer. Used once a month, the Affresh kit can keep your wash loads from being affected by the nasty buildup of body oils and other unthinkable kinds of dirt (yuck.)

Affresh comes in just the tablets or the entire kit, and is available online at Clean clothes mean even more coming from a clean washer, don't you think?

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