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Review of Baby Abuelita Products

2:06 PM

Hispanic heritage is important to many families, but often times get lost as each new generation is born. That is the inspiration behind Baby Abuelita. A celebration of culture, education, and fun, the videos are an exciting way to learn more about life in many Hispanic countries!

We recently previewed a DVD from Baby Abuelita: Our children loved the music best of all. A combination of English and Spanish lyrics, some songs were easier to learn than others. The characters interacted with one another in such a loving and natural way -- it was sweet to see the different age groups show respect! Not only did we get a quick lesson in Spanish and culture, we were reminded of important social skills and manners. (Hang up your clothes?)

Super animation, likeable characters, and lessons for all age groups -- this is what makes Baby Abuelita different from other products on the market.

The line of DVD's is not available yet (we got a sneak peek), but their dolls, books, and toys are! Visit the website for all the details and for more information on when the videos will be ready to buy!

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