Review of Charlie and Lola's "I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed" Pop-up Book

What's cuter than Charlie and Lola? Not much. The two tykes are at it again with their stubborn and quirky tendencies towards resolving their own problems (in hilarious ways, of course.) We got a kick out of I am Not Sleep and I Will Not Go to Bed by Lauren Child...

Charlie's little sis, Lola won't go to sleep. Saddled with the responsibility of getting her to bed, he chooses compassion and humor to coax the defiant little Lola into bed -- for good! Told with the flair that Charlie and Lola have been bringing readers for years, this particular edition is presented in a sturdy, colorful, and surprisingly detailed pop-up book!

My kids were wide-eyed and amazed at the various activities presented in this pop-up. Pull-tabs, flaps, gears, and gizmos -- there was more to do on each page then I had seen in a pop-up before. And while part of me winced at the thought of my 3-year-old ripping off a tab or two, the book held up well, and the kids were given a hands-on reading experience perfect for my own anti-bedtime bunch.

This Candlewick book almost qualifies as a work-of art, but most will just appreciate it's simple truths, lively illustrations, and high humor factor. Sold at bookstores everywhere, this is a treat!