Review of Eco-Friendly Families by Helen Coronato

Thinking of "going green?" Want to get the whole family involved? It's not as difficult as you would think -- and so goes the advice behind this jam-packed book full of practical wisdom for anyone wanting to waste less and live better.

You don't have to be gung-ho crunchy granola to get the most out of this 200+ page guide. In fact, most of the tips included in the easy-to-read book just make good sense for everyone! Menu planning, recycling hacks, organization pointers, and great ways to spend time together are all discussed with straight-forward style and step-by-step guidance. (I love the end of the chapter checklists!) And you can really get excited about the homemade cleaners and all-natural household tips included for anyone to follow!

All ages can get in on the responsible techniques used in this book. Eco-Friendly Families is a book you'll use again and again (which is great -- since it's printed on recycled paper!) Available at bookstores and