Review of ImagiPLAY PuzzlePlay Rainforest

If the threat of lead paint in your kids' puzzles has you a bit uneasy, I completely understand. That's one of the reasons I was so excited to try out the new ImagiPLAY PuzzlePlay Rainforest. It not only was exactly the kind of toy my boys love the most (puzzles), but it captured the charm of a brightly-colored educational activity with the safest of methods. (All painted materials are tested to ensure they meet or exceed U.S. and European safety standards.)

Made from the earth-friendly rubberwood, this puzzle stimulates the brain! I was challenged trying to piece it together, but my kids were right on task, putting each piece in its place. I enjoyed watching them work together on this project, and as soon as it all came together -- they tore it apart and built it again!

Hours of fun? How about days! This cool, trendy puzzle is guaranteed to last through the tough play that kids can put a puzzle through. One of many top-notch play options at ImagiPLAY, the Rainforest puzzle sells for $19.98 and is available at ImagiPLAY's website.

(Note: Equally impressive is the standard by which ImagiPLAY's products are made. Fair trade practices are used to be sure that workers are paid a fair wage and work only in safe conditions. Visit their policy page for more details!)


  1. Isn't it cool?! We keep ours in a heavy-duty gallon freezer bag for easy storage of the parts. My son would be heartbroken if any of the pieces got lost.

    Thanks for the comment!

    Linsey Knerl
    Lille Punkin' Reviews


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