Review of Mini Bugs Books by Jessica Spanyol

Books? We have plenty. But the crazy thing about children's stories is that they seem to want the same ones over and over and over and over. It's enough to drive a well-meaning, literacy-enforcing parent mad. Good thing there are new and innovative happenings from our friends at Candlewick Press!

The MiniBugs Books are beyond description. Our favorite of the four in the collection is Keith and His Super-Stunt Rally Racer. Simply (but cutely) drawn, tiny insects adorn the pages of this high-octane action book for kids in the 2-5 age range. The story is wordy. (Can you say "he jumps over Mr. Thornton-Jones and friends in their Double-Decker Road-Train" three times fast?) The story is silly. (Mini Fish Vans and spilled milk, anyone?) The result is hilarious.

Taking over where Dr. Seuss and other wordy wordsmiths left off, The Mini Bugs series is a sturdy set of books small enough to stick in a diaper bag or knapsack. The pages are tough, and the endings are precious (the bugs take a nap at the end.) If alliteration and high-flying adventure are in your blood, you WILL get a kick out of these books.

Affordably priced and available where the best books are sold, The MiniBugs books rock our home library.