Review of Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel

Looking for a no-scrub, fresh-scented solution to your icky toilet needs? Look no further than our latest in the series of Scrubbing Bubbles product tests: Their Toilet Cleaning Gel!

This cool gadget works like a syringe -- just "inject" an application of the cleaning gel just under the rim of your toilet. The green, star-shaped blob stays through several flushings (we timed 5 days' worth.) Your bathroom smells good, the water stays sparkling, and there's no need to scrub during that time! We liked that it was more discreet than other types of bowl cleaners (and I didn't need to remove the toilet tank lid to use it.) All-in-all, it held up well to our needs, and I didn't have to touch any part of the toilet to do it.

(Note: Like all cleaning products, keep this out of the reach of children. And if you have curious monkeys in your home who will be intrigued by the appearance of a green, gelatinous star under the toilet rim, let them know it is NOT FOR EATING, TOUCHING, OR LICKING. Cause, you know.. kids can be crazy that way.)

Just add this product to our list of completely lovable products from Scrubbing Bubbles. To see other reviews, check out the Fresh Brush and the Action Scrubber. To hear it from Scrubbing Bubbles, visit their website!