Marshall's Shoe MegaShop Rocks!

So what did I think of my recent trip to the Marshall's Shoe MegaShop? Do you even have to ask? Aisles and aisles of shoes. Really, really stylin' shoes (and boots, and pumps, and sneaks, and you name it.) All kinds and colors. The absolute cutest styles.

I wasn't quite prepared to see, however, that all the shoes were affordable. Not cheap, mind you (as in, "Are these knock-offs, or what?") Affordable. Brands like Guess, Roxy, Skechers, Aerosoles, and more. I was in shoe heaven and easily could have spent hours there.

I walked away with a cute pair of black boots, a pair of sneaks, and the cutest little black dress from the other side of Marshall's. I didn't spend more than $75 total.

The Shoe Megashop fits high-priced style, but is practical for the family on a budget. In a word, it "ROCKS!" If you're looking to upgrade your shoe wardrobe without sacrificing too much hard-earned cash, check it out.