Plan a Fabulous Fall or Halloween Festival

Halloween planning got you down? There's plenty of fabulous ideas to be had at The website has plans for the hottest Halloween and Fall Festival parties, and we caught on to a couple of their best planning practices:

Eco-Friendly Party - Who knew Fall could be so Green? Try using a sheet for your table cloth, or read about the many ways to incorporate recycled goods into your decor. With tips like using second-hand costumes to ditching the traditional treats in favor of locally-grown and homemade goodies, there are too many tricks for the good of our Earth to even mention them all!

Eats and Treats - We're digging the Halloween party food ideas! Super scary recipes include Brain Dip and Witch Finger Cookies. (I was intrigued and appalled by the brain-shaped shrimp atop crackers recipe. Ugh.) For a tamer way to party, check out the cute and cuddly Idaho Potato Critters.

So many ideas and so little time! I think we'll use some the costume ideas for our Fall Festival and skip some of the scarier stuff (we have tiny ones at home, after all.) There's less than 3 weeks to plan, so get your family together and celebrate!