Review of Baby Bella Cards by Bella Sara

I have quite a few boys in my home, so trading cards are nothing new. I have always found it challenging to find cards that girls may be interested in, however. With all the girls I know adoring horses, the introduction to Bella Sara Baby Bella cards were spot-on!

These cards aren't just for collecting or trading. They open up whole new worlds! The crazy popular Bella Sara cards will be adding to their "family" with new baby foals -- These adorable baby horses have their own cards: Baby Bella Cards. The cards will be launched on November 6th, and the website ( will celebrate with 10 days of gifts, contests, and additional activities to welcome the newest family members.129 total cards will be included in the beautifully-illustrated set. Parent cards, foal cards, shiny horse cards, and toy cards are all available to collect. Go online to activate each card, learn of the gender of your baby horse, and participate in interactive fun with 3.2 million other kids!

The bottom line on these cards is simple. They are sweet, exciting, and reinforce positive values with imaginary play. All good stuff for girls of all ages!

These cards are perfect stocking stuffers for a girl in your life. Available at just $2.99 a pack, they are budget-friendly, too! Visit for more details on the launch of Baby Bella.