Review of Jolly Time Popcorn

What's the #1 treat at our house? Popcorn! And with all the yummy varieties of Jolly Time to choose from, movie night is never boring for our family.

Our favorites include Kettle Mania (a sweet and salty blend that hits the spot) and The Big Cheeze (the cheesiest). There are light varieties and buttery flavors, too! We are long-time fans of the Jolly Time brand, but there's even more to them than their popcorn -- their customer service is fabulous! (After a batch of popless popcorn graced my pantry shelves, they gladly replaced it and gave us vouchers for even more free popcorn!)

Visit the Jolly Time website for savings and offers from our family's favorite poppers. ($10 off the Spiderman III DVD and free music downloads to name a few...) Pop enough to share!


  1. i love salty pepper ... i have this many time... and it is perefect small time snacks ... and refreshing as well...

    cleon dann


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