Sing a Silly Song!

Did you ever make up silly songs for your kids? (You know, something that you would only sing to them -- when no one else was around and you've haven't slept in a week?) I remember singing each of my children's names over and over again to tunes of 80's rock ballads. They were tiny (just born), and while it seemed kind of crazy, I'm sure it helped them to learn their names. (And get back to sleep.)

Now that my kids are bigger, I still sing them silly songs. I sing them standard lullabies, but add a "beep" or a "toot" or another strange sound effect to keep it light, and to help them giggle. (Giggling is the best way to wear out and finally fall asleep.)

How do you sing to your kids? (If you're not the songwriting type -- ask your kids to sing YOU a song! You'd be surprised how creative they can be...)

This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network as an entry for a contest sponsored by Bush's Beans.