Review of Ariel's Journey: The Ice Horse Adventures by Doug Kane and Christy Wood

I want my kids to develop a love for reading. Part of that, however, depends on really good material to push them through. Since we homeschool, I can become very involved in making sure that the books my children are exposed to are ones that will spur on excitement for the written word.

Ariels' Journey: The Ice Horse Adventures could certainly fit the bill. A vivid tale of of adventure, friendship, and HORSES, this lengthy read is over far too soon. Kids who enjoy fantasy will get a kick out of this blend of modern-day drama and a time-traveling look into a magical land from long ago.

While I see this read being best suited for tween and teen girls with a more advanced reading skill level, I think it would also make a great read-aloud title for right before bed. Horse-lovers will be thrilled with the relationships between the girls and their magical steed, and those who crave a bit of suspense will be turning each page in anticipation of the climactic ending!

I give this book high praises. It's well-written, engaging, (and dare I say "cool"?) while allowing for the reader's imagination to take over at every twist and turn.

Ariel's Journey is available at Amazon.