Review of Bear Naked Granola

I'm a cold cereal lover. Sadly, it's time I grew up a bit with my preferences toward the sweeter variety. Bear Naked All-Natural Granola gives me just the right amount of sweet, but also put all kinds of good stuff in my body!

Their most recent variety, Fruit and Nut, is perfectly crunchy. It contains whole grain oats, honey almonds, raisins, dried fruit, pecans, walnuts, and ground flax seed (among other natural ingredients.) Granola has been a wonderful addition to my morning diet, giving me energy to start my day (without messing up my commitment to healthy eating.)

You can read about all of the yummy granolas offered by Bear Naked at their website, (You can even sign up for a FREE sample of the Fruit and Nut granola that I told you about!) Or get started with better eating with big savings on Bear Naked at Here's to healthy eating!