Review of coverPlug Outlet Covers

This mama has admittedly gotten a bit lazy with her childproofing. It was just a few weeks ago that I witnessed my youngest trying to put a paperclip in the 3-pronged outlet in our dining room. What kind of lazy mom was I? Apparently, the kind that struggles to keep her home childproofed while under construction.

It was that same day that my husband opened up his newest issue of Family Handyman Magazine and read the rave reviews of the coverPlug Outlet Cover. He begged me to research where we could get one.

Just this week, we were able to take the coverPlug for a test spin. This thing was so unbelievably simple, I couldn't believe no one had thought of it before! (Isn't that how most ingenious products seem to be?) This outlet cover is virtually non-existent (to kids, friends, and paper-clip wielding infants.) Just push the coverPlug into the ground openings of any standard double wall plug. No tools, no fuss, and no tempting and awkward plastic doohickeys to fool with.

The best part of these rockin' covers is that they are paintable. Yep, that means that not only do they fit seamlessly over our new fancy outlet frames, they do so in the same color as our wall -- making them invisible to anyone who's not freakishly observant.

Safety, style, affordability (did I mention they were super-cheap to buy?) mark these as my new favorite baby-proofing gear. If you have children with fingers (that you would like them to keep), consider these for your home.

The coverPlug is available at these awesome online retailers. Check it out at