Review of DoodleStix

Did you ever wish there was someone in your child's peer group that could talk to them about character and making good decisions? Someone who doesn't come off as a lecturing adult, maybe? Well, I think I may have a simple solution with Doodlestix!

The premise of Doodlestix is clear: A penpal that encourages character development through peer interaction and accountability.. . Doodlestix is a character that children can relate to. Upon a quick and painless online set-up, your child will begin receiving letters addressed specifically to him/her in the mail (or via email, if you prefer.) The letters are written at your child's age level (younger children can have Mom or Dad read to them, as well.) Each one details an event in Doodlestix's life that allows for a character lesson to be taught, and parents will receive a message with tips and ideas on how to share the lesson with their kids.

This is a very simple, but super effective way to teach kids important virtues like responsibility, honesty, and kindness. I read the letter to my younger boys, and they giggled as they heard the story of Doodlestix in ways that were personalized for them! I was able to ask questions and engage in conversation to make sure my kids understood -- and guess what? They did!

This cool service is really affordable, and you can even sign up for a free trial to see if it's right for your family. I suggest you take a look and see what Doodlestix is all about! Just visit for all the details on this innovative resource for parents.