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I love taking digital photos of my kids (especially when they're little babies.) Storing them in a way that makes sense, however, is NOT my specialty. When I was recently told about, I found myself getting a little bit ambitious, and started eagerly planning all the ways I could organize and spiff up my digital photos! has all the elements of your typical online photo storage. Easy upload, easier sharing, it's a breeze to use. Keepaboo's extras are what make is special, however:

  • Record your child's developmental milestones and important events from the very first smile to the first day of school. Add your own pictures or choose from a wide selection of funny illustrations.
  • Track your child's weight and height from birth to adolescence with the Keepaboo interactive growth charts.
  • Save all the memorable sayings of your child from the first words to the funny questions and clever observations.Your child's quotes would appear in a fun colorful comic page.
  • Keep a diary of your child and your parenting experience. Express your thoughts and feelings, and preserve the special moments for a lifetime. The diary module offers a selection of colorful backgrounds. You can also add emoticons and pictures to your diary entries.
I loved the sample book available on the website (it gave me all kinds of ideas on how to use Keepaboo for my own kids!) Check out Keepaboo for yourself at It's really cool because it's easy!