Review of The Secret Mountain Books

If you have a hard time getting your little ones to sit still for story time.. you now have no reason to worry. The award-winning books (with accompanying CD) from The Secret Mountain are the absolute best way to positively enforce reading skills and get the wiggles out, too!

We had the joy of reviewing three books from the collection:

With the exception of the Dream Songs (which is obviously a collection of lullabies), these books are guaranteed to get kids moving! I couldn't believe the humor in the songs that came with A Duck in New York City. Songs about Belly Buttons? I'm so there! A Slug Opera? Count me in! I was so amazed at how refreshing the music was. It was too fun!

The stories were first-rate, simple tales that kids ages 2-5 would get a kick out of. Each one was beautifully-illustrated with vivid color and amazing vision. My oldest son (the artist of the family) liked the pictures in the books better than anything! We also loved that the books included the lyrics for easy learning of the songs.

I'm not one to hold on to a book too long before letting it fall to the bottom of our HUGE book bin. But these books were far too special to lose track of. They have found a permanent home on the kid's special nightstand, where we can read from them anytime -- and can easily pop in a CD for some special music.

Today was the first day my youngest son didn't scream during naptime. We used the lullaby CD to give him a pleasant distraction.

Good times.

For all the details on these super-duper books and CD's, see The Secret Mountain website.