Get Your Baby Safety Products All in One Place

I'm not a big baby-proofing addict. I do, however, know the things that I need to kid-proof in my home, and I'm fairly diligent about keeping them that way. Safety is important, but shopping for it is a bit of a pain.

When buying those hard-to-find child safety gizmos allude me, I love that there is an all-in-one shopping website with everything a responsible parent would need. KidSafe is a haven of safety gear, and the full-color photos, product descriptions, and an easy checkout process help ease any parent's shopping woes.

If baby-proofing or general home safety is at the top of your New Year's Resolution list, you'll love the ideas you can get just by browsing the website. (KidSafe's free links dedicated to safety tips and statistics are a fabulous way to get started. I particularly like the poisonous household plant list they offer.)

See all the safety options available from names like Tots in Mind, Mobi, Evenflo, Gerber, Safety 1st, and more at

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