Review of BornFree™ Bottles

Bottles were almost a thing of the past for our family. My son was almost weaned from them completely, preferring the sippy cup to his favorite bottle. Then he got the flu -- bad. I worried about how I would keep him hydrated. Getting to test bottles from Born Free was truly a blessing!

My son LOVED these bottles. He had never taken to a bottle so well! He had always wanted to chew the rubber nipples and seemed to get really gassy after a long spell of drinking from most any bottle. The BornFree™ bottle, however, was so different from any bottle we had tried before -- it was so much like Mom!

Let me tell you what this bottle has to offer:

  • The soft nipples never collapse or get sucked inside the bottle from frenzied nursers.
  • The inner valve and air vent prevent gas and painful tummy aches and earaches! You can also shake up the bottle to mix formula -- without spills and leaks.
  • The bottle is made from Polymide that is free from Bisphenol-A (BPA), so it's safe for baby!
It is the most worry-free bottle on the market today! Babies love it, and moms can rest assured that it is a safe bottle that is pleasant to drink from.

For more information on the BornFree™ bottle, trainer cup, and drinking cup, see their website at The bottles are available at the official website and