Review of Head First Physics

Homeschoolers, you have to check this out! It's a brand new companion manual for mechanics and practical physics, and it's perfect for those of you who are tired of "stumbling" through physics.

I admit that I get a little nervous when I think about teaching my kids the more advanced science and math subjects. I dove into Head First Physics from O'Reilly with a completely open mind. I wanted to see the subject from the eyes of the students that would be reading from it. It was awesome! Full of practical illustrations, real-life scenarios, and explained beautifully, this text is full of activities designed to help kids grasp the fundamentals of the subject in a way that is practically painless!

There are two audiences that are perfect for this book:

  • Students who are studying for AP Physics B or A Level Physics
  • Anyone who's interested in how stuff works
So that means my husband should be devouring this book soon. (He falls into that second group of physics geek!)

This giant book (over 900 pages) is perfect as a study guide or a stand-alone text. See the full description at or check out all the O'Reilly texts at