Review of Hyland's Earache Tablets

Natural remedies are favored in my home. I want what's best for treating my kids' ailments, but I also want it to be effective. So how do I handle the problem of an earache? So far, I've used Hyland's Earache Tablets -- and the results have been fantastic!

First of all, let me tell you that I started using Hyland's many years ago. (In fact, I've talked about how much we love the C-Plus Cold Tablets in a previous review.) Since earaches aren't a common occurrence, I rarely get the chance to treat them at home. Since we live miles away from a doctor, however, I like to give me kids a natural treatment FIRST -- before taking them in for an often unnecessary antibiotic prescription.

The Hyland's Earache Tablets are tiny, easy to take, and dissolve instantly. They are natural, won't interact with other medications, and won't cause nasty side effects (like drowsiness, hyperactivity, or stomach aches.) In both of the cases where I used Hyland's at the first sign of an earache, my children were feeling much better within the first day (and I didn't need to take them into the doctor.)

This product is perfect for those middle-of-the-night, "my-ear-hurts-Mommy" crying jags that can keep kids and parents from getting any rest. Just follow the directions on the box, and feel good knowing that you've taken a smart step towards natural relief for your child.

The tablets are available at most drug stores and retail outlets. They also offer Earache drops for both children and infants. Keep both products on hand for those unexpected ear pains, and you'll be prepared for most anything!


  1. I like to take the natural route as well when treating my child. Glad to hear there is a natural product out there that is effective. I am not going to say can't wait to try them b/c well that would mean my would have to be sick! But I will definitely keep them in mind.

  2. Linsey! I think your blog is good and offers some great advice, but homeopathy to treat a medical problem? That's child abuse! There is no medicine in this earache concoction, there can't be. Read the ingredients and how they are prepared. You'd be lucky to get one molecule of "active ingredient" in a tablet after such dilution.

    Even their studies indicate no significant effect and that they need larger studies. That means that they have not shown an effect!

    Please, your ideas are good and writing is excellent. Why give bad information about pseudoscientific health remedies?

  3. I completely agree with Linsey! I have used Hyland's Homeopathic Earache tablets for my 5 and 3 year olds and they did work fantastically! It is no longer advised to give antibiotics for all earaches as they do not help but may perpetuate the problem, unless the earache is caused by bacteria (lots of research proving this is out there). I believe Moms really know best about when their child needs a doctor. Don't be afraid to use your God-given intuition.

  4. Well if you want home remedies other than this medicine then you can do many things like give steam inhalation which helps a lot to cure earache. Heat oil and pour into ear and also there are many more steps to cure earache.
    home remedies for earache


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