Review of Parents Look-At-Me Camera

Just another day in the life of a terrible two: I wrestle my $275 digital camera from my toddler's hands, and he shrieks out in disapproval. Why can't play cameras seem more real? It's what they want, after all.

Maybe you're not aware that Parents (the magazine people) has a toy line, but you really should check it out. We tested the Look-at-Me Camera, and this thing kicks! First of all, it looks like a real camera, with one huge exception - the giant fish eye lens! This thing makes everyone look goofy, and this equals big laughs for your toddler! The camera also has some electronic action that makes it snappy -- a realistic shutter sound when the button is pressed and super spiffy instructions designed to get the subjects of your photos smiling. ("Say Cheese!" "Hold that pose" and a few more.)

There is a lens ring that turns, and a few other lights and sounds to make the experience more genuine. Oh, and there's music. It's like dance music, and all the little one has to do is push a designated button on the back of the camera to get it going.

The toy is cute, and surprisingly not annoying like many electronic toys. It is small, light, and affordable (less than $15.) Designed for ages 12 months and up, my almost 2-year-old was easily entertained by this gizmo. The best part is that it is made from a trusted expert in kids' toys, so you know that it's safe!

The Look-At-Me Camera and the rest of the Parents toys are available at Target stores. Check it out at or and see what other fun treats they offer!